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2018 Scholarship Recipient


Tayla Chisholm is a 19 year old who has a heart for change.  Growing up, Tayla had to relocate several times.  In each new location, she had to make new friends and navigate environments that changed often.  This is where the seeds of her emotional intelligence took root.  In spaces where she was uncertain, she invited others to share, thereby cultivating open exchanges. By working in the community in various ways, she has learned that there is room for everyone to help.  You just have to find your niche.   


In June of 2017, Tayla graduated high school to embark on her mission to impact others by becoming a child psychologist.  Her post secondary educational journey has already begun at Howard Community College.  Tayla works hard as she maintains a part-time work schedule while balancing the requirements of a full time class schedule.  At the end of her first year in school, Tayla has earned a 3.0 GPA.  Everyday she focuses on setting the groundwork that will lead to a seamless transition into Bowie State University.  With continued hard work and support from her "village" Tayla, will surpass her goals and the community at large will reap the benefit!

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